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Tempo Travellers in Udaipur

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Tempo Travellers in Udaipur | Luxury Tempo Travellers in Udaipur | Maharaja Tempo Travellers in Udaipur | 10 Seater Tempo Travellers in Udaipur | 14 Seater Tempo Travellers in Udaipur | 17 Seater Tempo Travellers in Udaipur

Tempo Traveller in Udaipur
Maharaja Tempo Traveller
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Tempo Traveller in Udaipur
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Tempo Traveller in Udaipur
Tempo Traveller
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Tempo Traveller in Udaipur
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Tempo Traveller at Udaipur

I Love Udaipur ! In Udaipur's Embrace, My Soul Finds Its True Place!

Rent a Tempo Traveller in Udaipur for Outstations Journeys

Heartly welcome in the white city of Rajasthan! Udaipur, also known as lake city of rajasthan. Udaipur is the royal city whose old name is Mewar and Sir James Todd said that udaipur is the most romantic place in entire India. If you are planning to experience the combination of beauty of nature, culture, architecture and heritage, you need to visit Udaipur in Rajasthan. Udaipur is the city where you need to visit with family, friends and official tours. For visit hassle free and comfortably you need to hire a tempo traveller in Udaipur which is best for the family and official trips. In udaipur there are many sightseeing point like Jagdish temple, City Palace, Saheliyo ki bari, Sajjangarh monsoon Palace, Fatah Sagar lake, Karni mata temple, etc. In many spots of Udaipur big size buses are not allow, so maharaja tempo traveller is the best option for the family and group trips in Udaipur. We offers the best luxurious tempo traveller services in Udaipur. We provides the 7 seater, 8 seater, 14 seater and maharaja seater luxurious tempo travellers in udaipur for making your trip memorable. We offers the clean, comfortable and well maintain tempo travellers with the helpful and courteous drivers which ensuring the full satisfaction and give value for your investment.

udaipurtoursandtaxi is surrounded by beautiful and scenic cities like Udaipur, Jaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, kumbhalgarh, chittor, etc. let’s be a weekend gateway with your friends and family, or you wish to explore these places as a tourist, tempo traveller rent in Udaipur for outstation with udaipurtoursandtaxi is the most comfortable option you can choose. You can book these tempo travellers for a one-way trip depending on your requirement. Also hiring a tempo traveler has its own merits like travelling and enjoying the whole journey together with your group rather than travelling in Tempo Traveller in Udaipur

udaipurtoursandtaxi offer Tempo Travellers in Udaipur with 10, 14, 17,8 seater tempo & Luxury Tempo Travellers in Udaipur like Maharaja Seater Tempo Travellers in Udaipur.

You can easily Book Tempo Travellers in Udaipur through our website or by contacting us directly. We have a fleet of well-maintained tempo travellers, including luxury tempo traveller in Udaipur, which are perfect for family trips, corporate events, and other group outings.

Our Tempo Travellers in Udaipur is available with both AC and Non-AC options, and you can choose from a variety of seating capacities, ranging from 9 to 26 seater tempo travellers. We ensure that our vehicles are well-equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

We take pride in providing the best tempo traveller in Udaipur, which is why we have hired expert drivers and conductors who are skilled and provide quality service to our customers. With our tempo traveller rental in Udaipur, you can rest assured that you will have a safe and hassle-free journey.

If you are looking for the best tempo traveller for rent in Udaipur, then look no further than Udaipur tours and taxi. We offer competitive rates and excellent service, making us the preferred choice for many customers looking to hire a tempo traveller in Udaipur.

So, whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a long trip, book tempo traveller in Udaipur with us and enjoy a comfortable and memorable journey. Contact us today to learn more about our tempo traveller rental in Udaipur and other services.

Booking is easy - simply call us at +91-9571267179 to reserve your Tempo Traveller today. And when you book with us, you'll enjoy a 10% discount on your hire of the Maharaja Tempo.

Udaipur Tours & Taxi is a trusted and best Cabs service in Udaipur.

Hiring a cab in Udaipur not only allows you to visit the local attractions but also access the many destinations on the outskirts of a few hours’ drive from the city which includes temples, forts, forests and local artisan villages.

Tempo Traveller Hire Options in Udaipur

When it comes to travelling with a group of friends or family, hiring a tempo traveller can be an excellent option. At Udaipur tours and taxi, we offer a variety of tempo traveller hire options to suit your needs. Our tempo traveller hire options include 8-seater, 10-seater, 14-seater, and 17-seater tempo travellers.

Tempo Travellers in Udaipur. The 8-seater tempo traveller in Udaipur is perfect for small groups who want to explore Udaipur city or nearby attractions. It is spacious, comfortable, and has ample space to accommodate luggage. The 10-seater tempo traveller in Udaipur is ideal for groups of 8-10 people who want to travel in comfort and style. It is equipped with all the necessary amenities to make your journey comfortable.

If you have a larger group, the 14-seater tempo traveller in Udaipur may be the right choice for you. It is spacious and comes with ample legroom and luggage space. It is perfect for longer journeys and can comfortably accommodate up to 14 passengers.

Finally, for the largest groups, we offer the 17-seater tempo traveller in Udaipur. It is perfect for corporate events, family gatherings, or group trips. It comes equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and other amenities to make your journey comfortable.


1What is a Tempo Traveller?
A Tempo Traveller is a type of minibus commonly used for group travel in Rajasthan, India. It is spacious and designed to accommodate a large number of passengers, making it ideal for family trips, group tours, and corporate outings.
2How many people can a Tempo Traveller accommodate?
Tempo Travellers come in various capacities, typically ranging from 9-seater to 26-seater configurations. The most common variants are 12-seater, 14-seater, 17-seater, and 26-seater models
3What amenities are available in a Tempo Traveller?
Amenities can vary depending on the model and rental company. However, most Tempo Travellers are equipped with comfortable seating, air conditioning, music systems, charging points, and ample luggage space.
4Is there a driver provided with the Tempo Traveller rental?
Yes, most Tempo Traveller rentals in Udaipur come with a trained and experienced driver. The driver's fee is usually included in the rental cost.
5How do I book a Tempo Traveller in Udaipur?
You can book a Tempo Traveller in Udaipur through various means: online booking platforms, travel agencies, or directly contacting rental companies. Make sure to provide details like the number of passengers, travel dates, and any specific requirements you may have.
6What are the rental charges for a Tempo Traveller in Udaipur?
Rental charges for a Tempo Traveller in Udaipur can vary based on factors such as the seating capacity, duration of the rental, distance to be covered, and any additional services requested. It's advisable to get multiple quotes from different rental companies to compare prices.
7Are there any additional charges I should be aware of?
Additional charges may include tolls, parking fees, driver's accommodation (if the trip involves an overnight stay), and any applicable state taxes. These charges should be discussed and agreed upon before finalizing the booking.
8What is the cancellation policy for Tempo Traveller rentals in Udaipur?
The cancellation policy can vary from one rental company to another. It's important to inquire about the cancellation terms and conditions before making a booking. Be sure to understand any potential penalties or charges for cancellations.
9Can I modify my booking after it's confirmed?
Changes to your booking (such as extending the rental duration or altering the itinerary) may be possible, but it's best to discuss this with the rental company as early as possible. Depending on availability and the nature of the changes, there may be additional charges.
10What are the payment options for Tempo Traveller rentals?
Payment options can include cash, credit/debit cards, online bank transfers, and digital payment platforms. It's recommended to confirm the accepted modes of payment with the rental company in advance.
11Is there a limit to the distance I can travel in a Tempo Traveller rental?
Most rental companies have a specified daily or hourly distance limit beyond which additional charges may apply. Make sure to clarify this with the rental company beforehand, especially if you have a long-distance trip planned.
12How To Book Tempo Traveller in Udaipur ?
You Can Call +91 9571267179 or You can mail us at &
13How many seating options are available in tempo traveller ?
We have 12,14,17,22, 9,10 and 26 seater tempo traveller on rent in Udaipur.
14Do you have new urbania tempo traveller in udaipur ?
Yes,We have newly urbania tempo traveller in udaipur with the 12,15 and 17 seater capacity.
15Do you have maharaja tempo traveller in Udaipur
Yes, We have Maharaja Seaters Tempo Traveller in Udaipur.
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